Furnace Installation, Repair and Maintenance in Fernie

Energy Savings

When it comes to managing energy and operations costs, businesses, organizations and home owners have never been more challenged than they are today. The cost of energy is likely to continue to rise. Even improvements small or large, in efficiency, can add up to significant savings over time. This is why Stratton Plumbing and Heating provides a wide range of offerings that enable each application to be enjoyed at the highest levels of performance from the systems in your facilities or at home.

Whether you are installing new equipment, maintaining existing systems, or completely upgrading or retrofitting your infrastructure, we have you covered.

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Stratton Plumbing and Heating installs, repairs and maintains all types of furnaces. Whatever you property’s size, Stratton Plumbing and Heating has the best system for you.

We install only the highest quality of heating systems with efficiencies up to 97% including:
  • Armstrong Air
  • Lennox®
  • Rinnai
  • Viessman

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Gas Fireplaces

Beauty and Warmth
You can add beauty and warmth to your home with a gas fireplace installed by Stratton Plumbing and Heating experts in new construction or older home. Whether you want an insert or full system, a properly installed gas fireplace adds a warm mood and heating efficiency to any room in your house. Our installers and gasfitters give you the safest and most attractive gas fireplace depending on your heating and decorating needs.

Repair and Maintenance
Gas fireplaces need to be cleaned and checked to ensure maximum safety and efficiency just like furnaces.

Unit Heaters

Unit heaters are typically used in areas with high ceilings, and are exposed in the space to be heated. Unit heaters offer low installed cost, and are able to heat large volume areas without requiring extensive duct systems. Stratton Plumbing and Heating offers a number of gas-fired unit heater solutions with efficiencies up to 97%.

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Roof Top Units

Rooftop units and systems can be installed in various configurations providing single or multi-zone heating, cooling and ventilation. These units are installed to address today’s comfort demands, superior indoor quality, and minimize energy consumption.

A rooftop unit’s use of recirculated air can provide tremendous energy savings when compared with cost of constantly treating new, 100% outdoor air through a makeup air unit.

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In-floor Radiant Heat

No one enjoys having to crawl out from a warm bed to tiptoe on an icy floor. Hydronic radiant floor heating offers energy efficiency lowering your utility bills.

in floor heating

Radiant vs. Forced Air
The water in a radiant system has a capability to transport energy 3,500 times greater than a forced-air system. This amounts to greater comfort at a lower thermostat setting, which provides lower energy bills. In fact, more people are comfortable with radiant floor heating at a lower thermostat setting than with forced-air heating at a higher thermostat setting.

Solar Heaters

Reducing your carbon footprint can have a large impact on moving the planet toward a greener future simply by paying attention to the choices we make every day.

Solar cells absorb infrared rays in sunny and partially cloudy conditions, creating cost effective heating for your space.

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Industrial and Commercial
Stratton Plumbing and Heating is a one-source boiler service provider that coordinates delivery and installation, removal and disposal of your old boiler and start-up of your new system.

The boilers’ installation and services are performed by our expert team comprising of a mechanical engineer and highly trained gas fitters. We provide both installation of boilers and piping in the industrial and commercial domain.

When deciding on heating options for homes, many homeowners overlook one efficient and ecological form of heating.

Gas Boiler
This is the most common type of home heating boiler. Gas boilers are not only extremely efficient, but they are also durable. Breakdowns are rare and repairs are needed only infrequently.

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More often than not, boilers wear out and tend to cause energy loss. These heavy energy losses and reduction in productivity can greatly affect the profits and costs of a company. It is due to this fact that people depend heavily on the use of retrofits.

Retrofits—or better known as “additions”—supplement an existing heating system to help curb or minimize heat loss to a negligible level or curing the heat loss issues completely.

Stratton Plumbing and Heating provides retrofits and installations of the same for its clients facing repair issues or energy loss problems. Instead of installing a completely new set of boilers, clients from divergent industries and requirements choose to install retrofits which can easily be installed as a make shift or incorporated alongside or along with an existing heating system to reduce heat loss and increase productivity. Hence it improves the insulation of the heating system.

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Snow Melting Systems

Snowy winters can be a pain, especially when you have to shovel and salt your driveway, patio, walkway, or stairs all season long. But with our snow melting solutions, you can stay comfortable inside and let the pavement do the work for you.

If a snow-melting system isn’t designed and installed properly, things can get pretty slippery. Whether it’s a hot tub patio in a vacation home, your driveway, or the walkways around your company property, we would love an opportunity to install a system for you. Please contact us!

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